About Me

My arts journey started many years ago! In school a teacher told my mom that I would only be happy in life if I was involved in creative things. I took my time to figure this out for myself though. 

In my adult years I have dabbled in  scrapbooking (now an ex-scrapaholic), a variety of arts and crafts and photography/videography. I have worked in a variety of settings, mostly with the goal of inspiring hope and dignity in people. I have studied in the fields of psychology, education, theology, organisational leadership and arts therapy. I reckon somehow these things are coming together in my fledgling career as arts therapist. At the time of writing I am very close to finishing my Clinical Masters in Arts Therapy. 

I’m still doing the odd photoshoot – weddings/families and events. I am currently mostly working with kids as consulting trainee Arts Therapist at Ultimate Transformations, which I love. I am also just an artist, exploring myself and my world, and expressing myself through the arts, and documenting my life and work through photography. 

My journey is far from over… I am learning to dance, discovered creative writing and puppetry in my dissertation work, curious about coaching through art and passionate to make a difference to families. 

Hoping to share my journey here… keep an eye on the updates section.

Oh, and by the way, I love to travel!