Creativity and art-making is a vehicle for wellness. As human beings we sometimes find ourselves disconnected – from our own selves, our bodies or our friends and family. And we don’t always know why. If we know, we might not know how to put words to what we are feeling or why we are feeling that way. At other times we just don’t know what’s next or where we are going. Emotional healing and personal development are supported by connecting to what is unconscious in us. Using art and creativity we can find some of those connections and make meaning, even when we can’t put words to it. 

Arts for Wellness initiatives include mark-making, drawing, painting, collage, mixed-media, photography, image altering,  dance, drumming, creative movement, and puppetry. The two key elements of all activities in the studio are curiosity and playfulness. It is always about the process,  not the product.

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Expressive Arts Open Studio

Art-making in itself is seen as therapeutic. There is healing in creating, and more so in trying and failing, experimenting and succeeding alongside one-another.  

When pursuing creative endeavours, we are often focused on the product, and there is merit in creating something beautiful. However there is also merit in creating for the sake of creating, or creating with the intention of expressing oneself, processing feelings or events, or gaining a greater understanding of oneself. 

Open studio sessions are about creating and reflecting individually but alongside one another. Sessions are facilitated by the arts therapist and include prompts for art-making and reflection, sharing and witnessing (You will choose if, what and how much to share).

Open Studio sessions are generally 1.5 hours and can be adapted to different groups – i.e. corporates, teachers, counsellors, families.

Art for Wellness for Professionals

Team Building. Self-Care. Promoting Wellness. Using Art in your Profession.

Other Arts for Wellness Initiatives

Group work for communities and events to promote wellness. Children, families, or other communities.

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