Arts Therapy

I make art when I can’t gather the words to say.” 
― Nikki Rowe

What is Arts Therapy?

Arts therapy employs art-making alongside therapeutic processes and a supportive non-judgemental therapeutic relationship to support and enhance well-being. It is an experiential psychotherapeutic approach utilising different creative forms. Art becomes a language to express feelings, and explore/understand self to facilitate growth and healing. 

Arts therapy can help to increase self-awareness, cope with stress, anxiety and depression. It can assist with  simple life transitions as well as traumatic experiences. The great thing about art therapy is that it does not rely on talking and rational thought but on playfulness, symbolism and curiosity. Giving visible shape to an emotion can be more useful than analysing it. Sometimes art-making assists to clarify what is too vague to define, or to express what is too hard to say. 

Arts therapy is not only for creative or artistic people. It is not about creating a “pretty” picture or writing a poem to perfection. The arts therapist does not interpret the meaning of the art, but facilitates the client’s interaction with the art to find their own meanings. 

Arts therapy is for all ages. Arts Therapy can also be done online when required.

Arts therapy can be a powerful force for change in the lives of children, adults and families.

ADHD. Autism. Anxiety. Low Self-Esteem. Learning Difficulties. Emotional Regulation. Disability. Social Skills. Anger. Support. Self-Care. Relationships. Stress. Depression.

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