About Me

I am a registered clinical Arts Therapist in private practice based in Soul Images Expressive Arts Studio in Hamilton, New Zealand. I specialise in providing therapeutic support for families dealing with child developmental challenges, using the arts as language of expression and exploration while providing a safe therapeutic supportive relationship. I believe in the power of the arts to unlock health and wellbeing for all family members.

Creativity and art-making is a vehicle for wellness. I believe that engaging in art making and creativity is an exercise in mindfulness. Daniel Siegel – writer and neurobiological expert, says mindfulness teaches self-observation and is a way of tuning in to oneself, leading to greater self-acceptance or even self-befriending. At the centre of mindfulness is integration. This integration lies at the heart of wellness.

Whether we are dealing with trauma, grief or feeling low, anxious or disconnected, there is healing in creating, and more so in trying and failing, experimenting and succeeding alongside one-another. 

I am also just an artist, exploring myself and my world, and expressing myself through the arts, and documenting my life and work through photography. 

My journey is far from over… I am learning to dance (like no one is watching), am curious about so many things and passionate to make a difference to families.